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Zartarian Engineering is a full-service design and consulting service for clients in Controlled Environment Horticulture and Precision Agriculture for food and medicinal crops. Our areas of expertise include LED Lighting, Controls, Sensors, Industrial IoT, Power Systems, Fertigation, HVAC, and more. We take initiatives full cycle: from concept through manufacturing, and provide ongoing support.


Our Services

With our diverse in-house expertise located locally in Belmont, Massachusetts, Zartarian Engineering tackles a wide array of technology projects in Controlled Environment and Precision Agriculture.

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Our Expertise

We have extensive experience and a holistic view of a rapidly changing industry. Ramping up quickly, we drive results on a wide variety of agricultural projects and initiatives in both cannabis and edible crops. We seamlessly integrate with and augment internal Engineering and Plant Science teams, reducing cost and time to market. Our aim is to be a long term partner of in-house teams.

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Why use Zartarian Engineering?

We are both experienced Growers and Engineers, closing the loop between the disparate fields of Engineering, Lab Science and Commercial Horticulture. Plants are at the center of our designs and concepts - not just technology for technology’s sake. In many cases, our work results in IP for our clients, giving them a sustained advantage in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

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Our Practice

At our Belmont, MA office, we locally design and prototype all products, fully vetting all of our designs before handoff. We can perform full system integrations in a fraction of the time of a large organization, avoiding unpleasant late-stage surprises.


They immediately transformed the products into a demonstrably better experience for the consumer in a cost effective structure.  POW Audio owes Zartarian Engineering a debt of heartfelt gratitude!

— Glen Walter, Founder/Chairman, POW Audio


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